Morrison Bridge Lighting Partner Program

Are you one of the thousands of locals and visitors who enjoy the LED lights on the piers of the Morrison bridge? Want to put your colors up there? To have your say in lights on the the community’s riverfront? Thanks to the enthusiastic leadership of County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury and her chief of staff Beckie Lee, the Lighting Partner program exists so you can do just that.

WLB raised the necessary funds, shepherded the design and installation of these low-energy, long-lasting light-emitting diode fixtures and donated them to the County. The County has contracted with WLB since July 2009 to solicit and process applications from the public and relay approved color choices to the Bridge Shop–on a first come~first served basis. We have been pleased to fulfill requests from individuals and groups with a wide range of causes, events and milestones to celebrate.

Modest fees from public Lighting Partners cover organizational and staff time required to fulfill their requests and to continue these lights as they began–without the use of tax funds.

The Morrison Bridge in Portland, Oregon

If you would like to be a Morrison Bridge Lighting Partner check out WLB’s event calendar to see dates not yet spoken for and click on the LP application. The 2-page form includes information about colors, patterns and the fee schedule.

Click Here to Fill out a bridge lighting application